Retired Dogs Retired Dogs Ellie Ellie started her flyball career in 2000 after getting her from DBARC Rescue when she was 9 months old. She is a collie x whippet with a few other breeds thrown in for good measure - in other words, not entirely sure what she has in her!. She was a 12" height dog for the Bandits 2nd team and occasionally ran in the top team. She was put off in her early years by a dog coming down her lane from another team and nearly taking out so unfortunately she could only run as a 4th dog and would not accept another dog coming down her lane until she was well clear of the jumps. She often sat on the box if there was the hint of another dog from her own team having to run again due to an error. Other than that she was always a reliable dog and enjoyed her flyball. She had to be retired in May 2010 as her eye sight started to fail and she lost muscle over the eye sockets and when she held her ball in her mouth she could not see the jumps coming back and started to lose her way. She still occasionally comes down to training and likes to do run backs or go down to the box to retrieve her ball but she can't now do a full run as she has lost the confidence on the way back after running into the jumps. Ellie's last award was the Chica Award which she gained in February 2008 but accumulated 48528 points in total . She still enjoys life to the full and is 13 years old now. 181068157 LARA 142399784 GYPSY 124127613 CHEWBACCA 181068288 204743383 HARLEY 142399781 TEGAN Such a handsome boy, born Feb 2005. A boisterous, strong, wire haired Viszla, Tegan did a couple of courses of obedience training that he always got a bit anxious about so we were always interested in the fun of Flyball and started training when he was about 18 months old. Tegan learnt pretty quickly but in the early competitions was unreliable as he was too interested in things outside the ring, like children with cuddly toys, ice cream vans and friends. Fingers crossed he is much more focussed now and his obsession with a tennis ball has never waned. We just have to make sure that the bucket of balls is behind him on the line up as why run to the box if there are balls a couple of feet away?! 116269401 BRENDA 204743384 LUCKSY Gemma's baby 111812963 FRANKI 204743385 LUCI 204743386 FREDDIE 204743387 BECKY 204743388