Barkshire Bandits Flyball Team





Date Venue Team Fastest Time
 18-21 April Brookfield Park Bandits 18.27
    Bullets 19.41
    Bandidos 20.01
    Bambinos 22.50
 26-27 April Apps Court Bandits 18.34
   Bullets 20.18
   Bambinos 21.83
 4-5 May Hedsor Golf Course  Bandits 18.44
   Bullets 19.07
   Bandidos 21.07
   Bambinos 21.87
 24-25 May Englefield Green Bandits 18.67
   Bullets 20.80
   Bandidos 20.41

<IMG src="frodo3.jpg" mce_src="frodo3.jpg" ALT="Frodo" HSPACE=0" VSPACE="0"> <IMG src="frodo4.jpg" mce_src="frodo4.jpg" ALT="Frodo" HSPACE=0" VSPACE="0"> <IMG src="frodo5.jpg" mce_src="frodo5.jpg" ALT="Frodo" HSPACE=0" VSPACE="0">
<B><U>AGE</U></B> ? 1-2 Years<BR>
<B><U>SEX</U></B> Male (Neutered)<BR>
<B><U>DESCRIPTION</U></B> Black & White
<!-- Vacc: 14/05/13
Wormed: 17/05/13
KC vacc: 17/05/13
Neutered: 17/05/13
Microchip no: 981100002565618 -->

Frodo is a lovely, friendly dog who had been handed into a dog pound because his owners were unable to keep a dog due to financial reasons.<BR>  Frodo did not seem to have been enjoying much care or attention, so perhaps there were other pressures on the former owner's life too.<BR>  Frodo is a really happy, sociable dog who loves everyone, but as he has not lived with small children, we would not wish to place him with youngsters under 10 years. <BR> We don't know how he is with cats either, but he is good with other dogs.   <BR>

Frodo loves his walks, and is an active little chap who will need plenty of exercise. <BR> As with all spaniels, his coat will need regular grooming, and occasional professional trimming.<BR>  Frodo is just a youngster, so would benefit from further training, and he will need company most of the time.
<HR WIDTH=50% size=3 COLOR="#000000"><BR><BR>  
  Bambinos 21.39
 7-8 June Frome Bandits 18.42
   Bullets 19.40
   Bambinos 22.32
 14-15 June Apps Court Bandits 18.49
   Bullets 19.37
   Bandidos 20.19
   Bambinos 21.92
 21-22 June Imber Court Bandits 18.52
   Bullets 19.31
   Bandidos 20.59
   Bambinos 21.25
 5-6 July Barbury Castle Bandits 18.38
   Bullets 19.45
   Bandidos 20.36
   Bambinos 21.78
 12-13 July Mapledurham Bandits 18.26
   Bullets 18.93
   Bandidos 20.36
   Bambinos 22.11
   Boleros 24.93
 2-3 August Fairview Farm Bandits 18.50
   Bullets 18.82
   Bandidos 20.63
   Bambinos 21.70
 9-10 August Fairview Farm Bandits 18.21
   Bullets 19.35
   Bandidos 20.70
 6-7 Sept Padworth Bandits 18.21
   Bullets 19.35
   Bambinos 21.11
 20-21 Sept Paws in the Park Bandits 18.31
   Bullets 20.45
 11-12 Oct DBARC Bandits 18.15
   Bullets 19.43
   Bandidos 20.90
   Bambinos 20.97


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