Team Members Team Members Penny with Lara Team Captain - so don't fuss with her! 139671107 Jolene with Sandy I'm Jolene and I've been doing flyball for about 2 years. I compete with my older dog, Sandy, who is a 4 year old ball-obsessed Terrier-cross. The reason I do flyball is because its a great day out for me and my dogs, and it allows Sandy to combine her three favourite loves - running fast, chasing a tennis ball and spending time with me. I also have a 1 year old Portuguese Podengo, RJ, who joins in for the training sessions but isn't old enough to compete yet. 112922105 Elaine I am the owner of Tegan, Ava, 3 cats , 2 rabbits and a chinchilla. Before joining Barkshire Bandits in 2007 I used to like to horse ride but can?t fit that in now. I really like to be outdoors and although I am competitive in the flyball ring, I like the social side of the sport and really enjoy seeing everyone?s dogs at the different shows. 116298276 Theresa with Mistie Penny's Mum! Pictured with the lovely Mistie who retired in 2010 with an amazing 65434 Flyball points and her Diamond Milestone Award 123472307 Penny with Indi Penny thought training Flyball dogs was easy - 'till she got Indi !! 142399773